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PostSubject: Heart of a Ninja   Heart of a Ninja EmptySat Sep 27, 2008 1:16 pm

Yeah, It's another Naruto RPG. However, we run ALOT differently.
For one, we don't use forumotion or any other hosts like it. We run on proboards, which I
have come to find is alot more it alot of ways. Moving on...
There is a new site thats opened up, I own it along with two other people.
For all the members here that were apart of Shinobi Hunters, I'm letting you know now thats where we went too and thats where we will be staying. It's a great site. The system is the same as the old ingoo in a way, but the grading is alot more strict. We run on completly different templates and a whole lot more rules. To be a member I would say that you would have to be AT LEAST an intermediate roleplayer to survive around there, but hey! if not, they're members there that will agree to help you better yourself. Its a new site that is just starting out and already I can tell that it will probably be decently sucessful, at least it has the potential to be. You can help it reach the goal of being the best Naruto RPG around by signing up and joining us there! So, what're you waiting for? By the way, Even if you don't like the site, Sign up and give us Feedback, we'd love to hear your opinion!

Heart of a Ninja
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