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 Ninja Warriors - [Part 1]

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Ninja Warriors : Part 1
Josh had traveled far out to the east of the Fire Country, and was now nearing the border of Suna. His red eyes flickered in a blinking motion, while his black hair wavered in the fluid stream of wind. His feet lifted off as he flew forward with such speed, that most would call it invisible. His feet took turns left, right, left, right as he ran forward getting faster after each step he took. He increased his speed as he seemed to be nothing but a blur of colors streaking through the air. He then spotted his target. A lean figure that resembled that of a female. She had long black hair and blue emotionless dark eyes. Josh pulled his sword from it's holder on his back and flashed to his left, before appearing with such speed that it was unbearable before slashing diagonally at the woman who stood before him. The sword was like a flash of lightning but somehow she blocked the slash. Josh saw that there was now a kunai blocking his sword, and the holder of the kunai was the woman. Josh's eyes narrowed as he retrieved his sword, and jumped backwards onto the soles of his feet a few yards from the woman. "Cheyenne..." he said, with darkened eyes. Cheyenne smirked at Josh with a keen yet sly smile. "Who else?" she asked, throwing the kunai into the dirt next to her. "Long time no see." he said, dropping his arm but with his sword still within a firm grip of his hand. Cheyenne smirked again and stepped forward fluidly and gracefully as if she was hovering above the ground. Each step was hidden inside of her long woman like cloak. "Good bye." Cheyenne said, smiling cheerfully yet evilly. She then got ready for whatever was coming next. She crouched down slightly and began to form a swift string of handsigns. She then pulled her right hand to her mouth before blowing outward. When she did this a large ball of fire erupted from her mouth coming at Josh with incredible heat. Josh cursed quietly under his breath and struck his hand forward. As his hand struck forward a giant snake of water erupted from the air and struck through the fire ball extinguishing it, and continuing to fly forward at Cheyenne. Cheyenne braced herself as the snake made of water struck her hands that were up in a blocking gesture. The snake simply turned into normal water as it collided with her hands. Josh thought of how if it wasn't fr the fireball the water snake would have struck through her like butter. He flickered with speed that astonished Cheyenne, but simply made her increase her guard. She was ready for him to strike from any angle. A shuriken came flying at her from behind, and she had little time to react before it would strike her. She simply through a shuriken back at it, but harder so that it knocked the other shuriken out of the way and continued to go and struck Josh in the chest making him visible. He could hardly react to what had just happened before Cheyenne appeared in front of him and slung
at him from the side with her sword. Josh put up the back of his glove which was plated with steel to block the strike. The sword collided with the back of Josh's glove, and stopped but Cheyenne pushed down on her sword harder as it began to crack through the steel plate. Josh noticed this and knew it wouldn't last forever. He pulled
back his glove and as soon as Cheyenne thought she had him Josh had already got his sword in front of her's, easily blocking it. Josh then pushed forward on his sword causing it to easily slice through her sword. Cheyenne simply dropped the handle of her sword and caught the blade of Josh's sword and kicked him in the chest with her right leg sending him flying backwards through the air. He was bouncing up and down off of the ground as he flew backwards, but finally made contact with his feet, and the ground. He began to skid backwards before placing his hand on the ground stopping himself from sliding backwards any further. This gave Josh an idea. He got ready and bit his thumb causing it to bleed slightly before forming a few handsigns and striking the ground. As soon as he struck the ground fog erupted from the air, and there below Josh was a giant skeleton like snake. Josh rode on top of it's head and got
ready for battle. Cheyenne was happy, because now she got to do what she had always wanted to. She did the same as Josh except with slightly different handsigns as a giant bat appeared below her. She rode the large bat towards the skeleton like snake swiftly. "Nice try, but you won't win!" Josh shouted, as his snake struck forward with it's teeth ready to bite. But the bat easily dodged it by flying to the side. The bat then tried again to strike Josh, by flying at him. The bat flapped it's wings immensely and was inches from Josh's face in seconds. Josh was astonished and had no time to react, and was knocked backwards off of the snake. He was unconscious and flew down hundreds of feet. His eyes were closed, and he was completely knocked out. Cheyenne began to fly towards him but the giant snake knocked her out of the way and caught Josh in his mouth before digging into the ground and escaping Cheyenne. She began to go after him, but knew she would never catch up with him, so she patted
her bat on the head and he flew her back to where she lived, deep within the woods.
((More Will be Posted Later))
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Ninja Warriors - [Part 1]
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