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 World of Magic

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PostSubject: World of Magic   World of Magic EmptySun Oct 26, 2008 7:59 am

.::Site Name::.

-World of Magic-

.::Site Link::.


.::Role on Forum::.

-High King of Nazareth, Forum Founder-

.::Forum Base::.

-Text Based RPG-

.::Forum Discription::.

-A Large World Full of Different Races, and Kingdoms. Which will you choose?-

.::Available Ranks::.

-Nazareth Warrior - 0/30
Skeletal Warrior - 0/20
Wizard - No Limit
Mage - 0/10
Witch - No Limit
Ninja - 0/5
Necromancer - 0/3
Shadow Warrior - 0/20
High King of Narnia - 0/1
High King of Nazareth - 1/1
High Queen of Narnia - 0/1
High Queen of Nazareth - 0/1
King - Depends
Queen - Depends
Narnian Warrior - 0/30
Tisroc - 0/1
Dwarf - No Limit
Talking Animal - No Limit-


1. You may have up to two characters but the second has to be a weak character like a Dwarf, or Talking Animal

2. Absolutely no Canon characters from shows/movies/books.

3. Keep Cursing to a Minumum

4. As you are creating your character, everything must be filled out. If not everything is filled out, it will not be accepted.

5. Spamming is ONLY allowed in the Spam Section.

6. No Double Posting and Up - That's what an edit button is for.

Try to get along with other members. We all want to have a good time.
Anyone found making fun of or fighting needlessly with other RPers will
get one warning. If it happens again, you get a temporary ban. Again,
and you are banned for good.

8. Please keep everything to a
PG-13 level, probably not evne PG-13. But just keep it clean for the
children that might come on here.

9. No Power Playing (having
God-like characters). Nobody is invincible. No Godmodding (controlling
another person's character) either. That means no writing things such
as: "Bob charged at George. He punched George in the gut, then grabbed
him by the throat and held him against the wall." None of that, okay?

No sassing at the staff members because we work very hard to keep this
forum in order and we don't want any crap from members. Failure to
listen to the staff can, and most likely will, result in a ban.

No Stealing Content. I really don't want to ban anyone because of this.
If you want to use something that someone has posted on the forum, ASK
before using it!

12. For all in-character posts your post must be at least 4 lines.

14. Do not purposely flame people, its just rude and takes away the fun of a game.

15. Please Do Not Call Someone a G-modder or n00b for that is considered flaming here.

-Josh (Founder)
-Open (Admin)
-Open (Admin)
-Open (Mod)
-Open (Mod)
-Open (Mod)
-Open (Mod)
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World of Magic
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